The Visual Arts Issue


Art Director's Note: Process

by Bradley Patrie

Art shmart. Every time I try and make an artistic something-or-other I end up with something that's so far away from the idea I started with, it's unrecognizable. Inspiration floods in from too many outlets,...



So you call yourself a hockey fan at RIT? I'm calling most you out on behalf of the women's team.

by Bruce Hartley

For the past two years, I have been at a number of the women's games, and I was STUNNED to find out that despite all of their success, they've only managed ONE full capacity crowd. During the Friday night game...


Editor's Note: Up in Smoke

by James Arn

Late last week several members of the administration met with the Student Government Senate to discuss a proposed change to RIT’s smoking policy. (see “SG Update” pg. 7.) The new policy would ban outright all...



Editor's Note: Changing Divisions

by James Arn

During his annual State of the Institute address earlier this week, President Destler announced that the Women’s Hockey team would be making the move from Division III to Division I competition (see “Women’s...



Editor's Note: Finales

by James Arn

Last Sunday was a great day for football. A sunny January day with two hugely exciting games that came right down to the final seconds (and beyond). Though it won’t be a hugely popular declaration in this part...



Editor's Note: The Trouble with Timelines

by James Arn

Everyone loves timelines. They really are an excellent way of communicating a huge amount of chronological data in a neat, comprehensible package. Timelines can tell all sorts of stories, from a history of...



Editor's Note: Sensing the Seasons

by James Arn

As I sit here writing this, my last editorial of 2011, Christmas is a mere two weeks away. Somehow, it doesn’t feel that way. All the pieces are in place, the Hickory Farms kiosk is set up in the mall, the...



Editor's Note: Culture Corrupted

by James Arn

What is RIT culture? If you take any stock in what the admissions office has to say, it’s swimming in a sea of generic adjectives like quirky and unique; going as far as to be “alive with energy and...



Editor's Note: Giving Thanks

by James Arn

During a recent bout of soul searching, I discovered that of all the myriad holidays celebrated in this country, Thanksgiving ranks first in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas just as much as the...

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