Editor's Note: Rising Up

by Alex Rogala

Do you feel engaged? In a recent strategic plan, RIT’s Division of Student Affairs stated that one of its key goals is to significantly improve RIT’s level of student engagement. It’s an ambitious goal, and...



Editor's Note: Year One

by Alex Rogala

Semester conversion is coming; are you ready? At Student Government last Friday, representatives from RIT’s Semester Conversion Committee presented an update on where we’re headed. There’s a course name...



Editor's Note: Growing Pains

by Alex Rogala

At Student Government last week, Dr. Neil Hair discussed the fledgling Innovative Learning Institute’s (ILI) plans to improve learning technology at RIT. While I find his team’s research truly fascinating,...



Editor's Note: Home

by Alex Rogala

During the 2008 presidential election, I eagerly boarded a shuttle to the nearest polling station. I was excited to vote in my first election. Despite my general interest in politics, however, I don’t remember...



Editor's Note: Escalation

by Alex Rogala

During my four years at RIT, I’ve known the Institute to take fervent pride in the “real-world experience” it provides. At my freshman orientation, I remember attending an anti-piracy seminar in Xerox...



Editor's Note: Unplugged

by Alex Rogala

In August 2007, legendary musician Sir Elton John boldly declared that the internet was stifling creativity. “I think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the internet for five years and see what...



Editor's Note: Indifference

by Alex Rogala

Late last week, President Bill Destler announced a plan to reduce the consumption of bottled water on campus. Starting this fall, Institute funds can no longer be used to purchase bottled water. And when RIT’s...



Editor's Note: Spare Change

by Alex Rogala

This past weekend, while walking to the Reporter office, I passed by an event called the Quarter Mile Challenge. As explained on the event’s official Facebook page, the goal was to line the walkway with...



Editor's Note: Crossing the Rubicon

by Alex Rogala

The room was packed. I sat on a couch in the far corner, surveying the action from a distance. When then-Editor in Chief Laura Mandanas reached my name, I felt my heart reach my throat. For days had I sat...

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