Editor's Note: A Show of Hands

by Alex Rogala

At last Friday’s Student Government (SG) meeting, the Senate voted on replacement Graduate and NTID Senators. While this is a fairly typical process — students occasionally leave their positions during the...



Editor's Note: Tools of the Trade

Hidden deep within RIT’s web site, there’s a page called the RIT Archives Photography Collection. An online photo archive spanning the past century, it documents student life and education at RIT and its...



Editor's Note: You, Inc.

by Alex Rogala

Last week, I travelled to Manhattan for a job interview. Now in the final weeks of my college career, I reflected on my time at RIT while preparing for it. Since arriving here four and a half years ago, my...



Editor's Note: Bounced Checks

by Alex Rogala

Following last Friday’s tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn., a statement allegedly issued by actor Morgan Freeman spread across Facebook. In it, Freeman criticized the media for sensationalizing and...



Editor's Note: A Social Obsession

by Alex Rogala

It’s an oddly compelling campaign. The advertisements show a series of businessmen sharing rather inept opinions on social media, whereupon they are subjected to electric shocks, slaps or other forms of cruel...



Editor's Note: Free For All

by Alex Rogala

Recently, the RIT Men’s Rugby team was suspended for one quarter after their coach reportedly consumed alcohol during a match (See “Men’s Rugby Suspended for One Quarter.”). I have some unanswered...



Editor's Note: Communication

by Alex Rogala

Late last year, RIT unveiled plans to develop a late-night coffee shop. This past Monday, the Institute debuted Midnight Oil, the fruit of its efforts. Unfortunately, late isn’t quite the right word;...



Editor's Note: Riding the Crest

by Alex Rogala

“I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.” – Walt Whitman As RIT’s final fall quarter draws to a close, I can’t help but detect the distant rumble of discontent. All...



Editor's Note: The Plight of the TE3

by Alex Rogala

Last Friday, Student Government (SG) President Taylor Deer and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Heath Boice-Pardee sent out a Message Center email discussing recent conduct on the Tiger East...

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