'Real Beauty' Isn't Physical

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

“You are more beautiful than you think” was the message presented by Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign. For those who haven’t seen it, the video shows female participants describing themselves to a sketch...



Exercising Independence Through Choice

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

You can choose two; a social life, good grades, or sleep. Do you try to “work hard, play hard” by sleep deprivation? Do you subscribe to the “C’s get degrees” motto that some of my more socially inclined,...



Censorship, Insensitivity, and Individual Opinion

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

Because of the recent controversy surrounding the blog post entitled “Censorship, Environmentalism and Steubenville” by University of Rochester economics professor Steve Landsburg, many organizations and...



Bridging the Gap: It's Easier Than You Think

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

When I applied to RIT, I hadn’t heard very much about it — living eight hours away and all — so when it came time to choose where I was going to spend the next four years, I made a pretty uninformed decision...

Distorter 2013


How to Run a Magazine

by Miss Bossypants 1. Hold productive and engaging weekly staff meetings. 2. Collectively and creatively brainstorm article ideas. 3. Assign stories to writers and effectively enforce...



Innovation is Old News

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

According to the RIT website, one of the values of the university is “Innovation and Flexibility,” meaning that RIT “Provides and/or encourages new ideas that could make the department, college, or division an...



Editor's Note: Looking Beyond

by Amber Wilson-Daeschlein

“Hey you! Yeah, that’s right, I saw you! Come back here and pick that up!” I was walking to the Reporter office last week when I heard someone yelling. Though he wasn’t talking to me, I was inclined to stop...



Editor's Note

by Alex Rogala

Sometimes the news hits way too close to home. Last Friday, students, faculty and staff in the School of Media Sciences (SMS) learned of Professor Edline Chun’s passing. A friend and mentor to many, her...



Editor's Note: Bounced Checks

by Alex Rogala

Deep within the Student Life Center basement, the doorway hides a tall, narrow staircase. Dimly lit and decidedly nondescript, it leads to an equally plain running track suspended above the center’s basketball...

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