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Dr. Barry Culhane
Most recently chairing the Imagine RIT Innovation and Creativity Festival, Dr. Barry Culhane is a very busy man. His other projects include putting on the Liberty Hill breakfast series for President Destler, organizing the “Retirees Picnic” at the end of this year, teaching, and giving back to the greater Rochester community.
Craig Ceremuga
Over the past year, Craig Ceremuga has served as General Manager of WITR, and has dramatically increased listenership. He organized a major remodel ing of the stat ion, overseeing the $38,000 upgrade project, approved up through the Vice President of Finance and Administration.
David "Big Goon" Fass
Leader of the Corner Crew, Big Goon has been “loud and obnoxious,” cheering on our hockey team since 1989. He has also served as the supervisor at Sol’s since its opening, and is a former student of RIT’s Print Management program.
Editor's Note: People of Note
Lisa Bodenstedt
Arguably the most popular FYE instructor on campus, Lisa Bodenstedt puts in many long hours after the regular workday in order to pass her passion for art onto her students. She has developed a weekend Art History Study hall, and arranged off-campus excursions to places such as a local monastery to help students experience the art firsthand.
Aditya Manjrekar
Aditya Manjrekar, President of Global Union (GU), has spent the last three years working to improve the RIT international student experience. He has recently been recognized by the RIT Student Government for his work, and will be serving another term as GU President in the upcoming year.
Dr. Christine Licata
Dr. Cristine Licata is the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at NTID. For the past three years, she has been working with the colleges to update the curricula in programs for the deaf and hard of hearing. These changes included adding new majors, integrating “communication outcomes” to other classes, consolidating operations, and general planning for the future.
Mia Sanchez
Mia Sanchez has been a student leader in the NTID community for several years, and has served as leader of the NTID Student Congress this past year. She has overcome many personal challenges while still maintaining a positive outlook on life.
Phyllis Walker
Phyllis Walker works with the Rochester community’s organizations to involve RIT students in fulfilling their civic duty. On campus, she works with individuals, groups, the Greeks, etc. She organizes people and groups, and links them to community organizations. At least once every year, she hosts agencies at an event at RIT to recruit volunteers and to raise awareness.
Fr. Richard Hunt
With a background in art, Father Richard Hunt has been finding creative ways to present religious messages to the RIT community over the years. He’s also worked with a number of Zen Masters.
Randy Bloechl
Randy Bloechl has served as the announcer for RIT Hockey games since 1982. He will be retiring at the end of this year, and is sure to be missed by every Tiger fan in the rink.
Dr. Mary-Beth Cooper
Since joining RIT in 2002, Dr. Mary-Beth Cooper has been Vice President of Student Affairs. With an open door and an easy smile, she has worked tirelessly to make the student experience strong and enjoyable.
Willie Barkley
Willie Barkley has been a part of the RIT community for over 30 years. Starting out as a student himself, he now is the students’ favorite bartender at the RITz. He is known for being a good listener and for offering practical advice.
Tom Schirmacher
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