Orientation 09

issue cover
RIT’s Dining Destinations
Where to eat on campus.
Fifty Things To Do Off-Campus
What is Reporter Magazine?
Your weekly student publication.
Evan Anthony
RIT Governing Bodies
Your quick study guide to rule-making bodies.
This is Your Rochester
An industrious city plagued by contraction.
Major Student Organizations
What each of these groups offers you.
Considering a Major Change?
Here's a road map.
How to Get in Good with Your RA
Student Conduct Process
Things you shouldn’t do but, if you do, try not to get caught.
College Dating
The RIT dating scene isn’t as hopeless as it may seem.
Word on the Street
What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?
Bringing the Underground to Life
RIT tunnels a cultural focal point.
Roommate Issues
You'll be living with a complete stranger. Frightened?
You Know You're at RIT When...
You know when Steve Jobs is giving a keynote.
RIT Abbreviations
Going AFK to UC to play DND with some GCCIS BFFs.
Editorial Cartoon: Creative Differences
Editor's Note: The Sauce Shop
For the first two weeks of college, he barely said a word.
Nick Tassone
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