Orientation 08

issue cover
Major Student Organizations
A directory of campus giants.
Dining Downtown: Rochester Potables and Vittles
Try these when campus options tire.
RIT's Tunnel System: A Deeper Look
PDF Ben Liddle
The Man. The Heat. The Fuzz. The...Helper?
What Public Safety can do for you.
How to Spot an RIT Rookie
Five things not to do.
Parking: How to Find the Sweet Spot
Freshmen Who Made a Difference
Word on the Street
Advice for incoming freshmen.
Editor's Note: Dear Freshmen
Laura Mandanas shares some words of wisdom.
I'm a Lover Not a Gamer
Great places to take a date.
Triple P: How to Mooch a Ride
The Gannett Project
At Your Leisure
Jamie Douglas
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