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Dirty Racing: RIT's Baja SAE Team
Go-karts on steroids.
Speed Demons & Businessmen: RIT's Formula SAE Team
Where adrenaline and determination collide.
The Living Element: RIT's Human Powered Vehicle Team
Melting the blacktop and delivering groceries.
Issuu  PDF Robert Shook
A Car and Its Contents Are Soon Parted
Autostripping and car thefts at RIT.
Stories That Shaped 2010
Milestones from the previous year.
Triangle Back, Mansion Gone
Fraternity reinstated.
Beyond the Bricks: 01.07.11
Forecast 01.07.11
The Steiner Chronicles
One man’s journey from Montreal to Argentina.
Editor's Note: Once The Ball Drops
Scarred for LIFE: Lessons from Board Games
Plastic- and cardboard-filled fortune cookies.
At Your Leisure: 01.07.11
Animated pusillanimous animals.
Around the World in Four New Years
More than dropping the ball.
Robert Shook
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