Comments: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can leave comments?

Anyone who reads Reporter, has a valid e-mail address, and something to say.

Why do you moderate comments?

We love feedback and discussion, but we won't stand for abuse. Moderation allows us to screen out libel, hate speech, abusive language, and spam. We will review all comments and make moderation decisions as carefully and consistently as we can, but keep in mind that it is a subjective process. All decisions are final.

Do you edit comments?

No. We do, however, reserve the right to edit comments if we use them in other mediums (such as in our printed magazine or online exclusive articles).

When will my comment be displayed?

After you verify your e-mail address, your comment won't show up until (and if) we approve it. Comments are typically posted faster during business hours. Moderation can be less frequent in the evening and on weekends.

What should I do if I see abuse?

If you see abuse, contact us here. Just make sure to let us know what the problem is and where we can find it.

How do I get an image next to my name?

Reporter uses gravatars, globally recognized avatars, to identify commenters. These gravatars work just like a profile photo, but with one key advantage: they travel with you to the many blogs, forums, and comment threads that support them. To get one just sign up at and add an image.

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