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Increasing Access Through Technology

In the Deaf community, there’s a commonly used expression: “bridging the gap” — trying to make communication more accessible between deaf and hearing people. In the Deaf community, recent technology has been...


Leading the Roars

In sports, there are certain moments you witness that can be described as extremely tense. Take, for example, the end of a basketball game when the home team is trying to come back from behind to win the game,...



Women's Volleyball Sweeps RIT Invitational

Three-set wins sometimes indicate easy victories. However, some shutouts are hard- fought, even nerve-wracking, as each match within the set is a close contest. This was the type of shutout that the RIT Tigers...


Women's Soccer Nears "Trifecta" With 2-0 Win

After the Women’s Soccer game Saturday, September 15, Head Coach Liz Masterson revealed some of the ambitions she has for her team this season. Although she ultimately hopes to get into the NCAA, the soccer...



"Skip" a Hit at Oldtime Game

Sean Patrick “Skip” Flanagan isn’t your typical college baseball player. Although the second year Psychology major dons a cap and has the build required, there is one thing about him that stands out — he’s...



Old and New Unite at Alumni XC Race

When you take part in a club or athletics team at any college or university, especially in one at RIT, you are putting yourself in a position to share moments with others that turn out to be some of the best...



Making History

Revenge is sweet. When the final buzzer sounded at Ritter Arena on March 17, the RIT women’s hockey team finally avenged last year’s disappointing loss against Norwich University. In this moment, fans in the...



Deaf Basketball League

There are ten of them running down the court, each drenched in sweat from playing intensely for almost thirty minutes. Players on offense call out for the ball, while the defense closely guards their matchups,...



Planning for 2030

On bright, sunny workdays, RIT’s Senior Sustainability Advisor Enid Cardinal leaves the lights off in her office; she has enough sunlight to keep it bright. If she stays at work late, she only turns on the...

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