Author: Amy Sanderson



The Gourmet Experience

As I walked into the New York Wine and Culinary Center (NYWCC), it was easy to feel ten times classier than usual. Dim lighting and dark wood finishes created a sophisticated mood and employees in suits warmly...


Pencil Review: Uni Alpha-Gel Kuru Toga

Price: $14.13 “Once you buy this mechanical pencil you’ll never want to buy another pencil again.” Whenever I go to Japan, some of the main things I shop for are pens and pencils because of the amazing...


Beyond the Bricks

On December 3, NASA announced that its Curiosity rover had discovered traces of carbon compounds in Martian soil according to the Telegraph. Scientists are still unsure if the carbon originated on Mars, as it...



The Candy Has Already Been Unwrapped

Whatever happened to Halloween being scary? The days of running around the neighborhood decked out in Halloween gear clutching huge pillowcases that were half your weight in sweets are long gone. Indeed, the...

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