Published April 1, 2013
Brick Beat
Spring Fest, FreezeFest Switch-Up
by Pepe Del Ray

In a landmark administrative decision, RIT has decided to move the dates of FreezeFest from February to the SpringFest dates in April. The joint decision was made by the Student Government (SG) and President Wrestler in an effort to adjust to Rochester’s cumbersome weather patterns. Taylan Elk, president of Student Government, commented on the innovative aspects of the decision.

“Since the amount of snowfall has actually increased since Winter Quarter, we’ve moved the FreezeFest activities to April,” said Elk. “I’m sure many students will benefit from this change, especially sledding enthusiasts.”

One student was overjoyed with the announcement of the date change. “The weather was 75 degrees the day before the last FreezeFest started,” said Justin Mathis, a second-year Mechanical Engineering major. “I broke my leg sledding because a lot of the snow had already melted.”

Third year Advertising Photography major Joanna Simmons had particularly noteworthy reasons to be content with the decision. “I’m going to take some great profile pictures in the snow,” she said. “My friends will all be amazed with my contrived artistry.”

However, it seems that some students, especially those that hail from areas with normal weather conditions, are still confused by the climate in the Rochester area. “The FreezeFest thing is great and all, but the weather here is ridiculous,” said Alberto Ramírez, a first-year Journalism major from Puerto Rico. “They said I would experience the four seasons here at RIT, but nobody ever said they would all be in the same day.”

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