Published October 19, 2012
That Guy: Oliver Haynes
Jonathan Foster

A couple weeks ago, the rich brassy sound of a trumpet echoed down the quarter mile, Without intention, several stopped what they were doing and gazed towards the musician underneath the Sentinel. To Oliver Haynes, a second year Computer Science major, music is an art form meant to be shared with others. Standing underneath the Sentinel that day, he undoubtedly reached others through his music.

Haynes has exceptional experience and talent in the realm of classical and jazz performance. Starting in seventh grade, he took trumpet lessons at Hochstein School of Music & Dance and the Eastman School of Music. Yet it was only four years ago that jazz truly took hold of him.

Jonathan Foster

Haynes’ interest in technology led him to RIT. “Although I want music to be the centerpiece of my life, I have some other projects I’d like to work on,” he said. By combining his knowledge in technology and computer science with his love for music, Haynes hopes to someday innovate the “music hall of the 21st century.” This would revolutionize how people experience music in a live venue by adjusting how sound is delivered and using visual stimuli to enhance the overall performance.

Haynes is currently collaborating with three other musicians from around the Rochester area: two pianists from the University of Rochester and a drummer from Nazareth College. They form two separate jazz trios, each emphasizing different styles and time periods of jazz. He is also a proud member of the RIT Orchestra.

When asked what comes to mind when he thinks of music and what it means to him, he presented the word “thoughtful.” “There are so many different emotions one can experience through music,” he said. “And they’re all reflected upon through our thought.”

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