Published April 26, 2013
Website Review: tubalr
Rating: 1/5

First, we had Pandora and Spotify among many others and now there’s Tubalr. The latter is set apart from these other internet radios and music search engines because not only does it allow you to enjoy music, but music videos as well.

Well, it tries to.

The videos on this site are taken directly from YouTube. This has its ups and downs sides. In the “about” of the website, the founder, Cody Stewart, mentions that he built tubalr because he kept coming across high quality videos and wanted a place to watch them continuously. But this is one of the major problems with tubalr. Half of the videos you come across are either lyric videos made by fans that are not exactly high definition or videos of live recordings.

Some live recordings shown are pretty good stripped down versions of recorded tracks, but searching artists that have hundreds of YouTube videos of live recordings made by fans is a big issue. You could be listening to one track that sounds amazing and it turns into a terrible phone recording. But again, it all depends on what type of artists you’re looking for.

When searching for artists with recent albums, at times the videos that show up are outdated and lack anything new. Bigger artist have a lot of fan made videos and when that’s not what you’re looking for it can get annoying.

A plus side to this website is that you don’t need to make an account. Tubalr allows you to make your own playlist, stop disliked videos from playing repeatedly and to skip over videos an unlimited amount of times. This skipping feature is necessary for anyone who wants to listen to recorded tracks, not low quality live recordings.

Overall, tubalr is a good idea. But the site definitely needs to fix some of its kinks before it can truly spread.

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