Published April 12, 2013
Android/iOS App Review: Sleep If U Can
Rating: 4/5

If you’re like me, you’re a compulsive night owl. You enjoy the somber hours of productivity that are available to you each night. Sooner or later though, you realize that it isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The less than five hours of sleep you experience each night will begin to take a toll on you productivity during the day and affect your overall drive to do well here at RIT. When looking introspectively at my own performance, I decided to give “Sleep If U Can” a try.

“Sleep If U Can” is an app designed specifically for the heavy sleeper. If you are autonomously pressing snooze till five minutes before class, this is the app for you. At a glance, it resembles the onboard clock and alarm apps that come pre-installed on most phones, but it has a devious twist: the only way to hit the snooze button is to recreate a photo saved to the app. With three accuracy settings ranging from Low to High, this app can challenge how much you want to use your motor skills each morning. Where in the past I would have placed my phone somewhere far from my bed and still found a way to silence the snooze, this app presented me with a way to move my alarm outside my room by forcing me to take a picture of the TV in my living room. The app provided a sort of negative reinforcement that incentivized getting out of my bed and jumpstarting my mornings.

With that being said, the app was mostly effective, although there is a cheap way to sidestep it. During my trial, I had once or twice given in to just turning off my phone in order to quiet the droning alarm. To be transparent here, I was having difficulty both times with figuring out how to take a picture in my drowsy stupor. If you are of weak will or lack discipline, this might undercut the efficacy of “Sleep If U Can.”

Beyond this minor kerfuffle, when you find the need to restructure the way you sleep and wake up in your routine, “Sleep If U Can” is a great app to get you started on the path to proper sleep schedules, or at least get you up in time for class.

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