Published April 5, 2013
Word on the Street
What is the worst miscommunication you've ever had?
Rugile Kaladyte

“With my coworker. Instead of hearing ‘Can I help who’s next?’, I heard ‘Can I have snacks?’”

-Dan Grinthal (left), first year, Industrial Design

“I have an accent and was asking someone for a pail, but they thought I was asking for a pill.”

-Nur Faseeha Suhaimi (right), fourth year, Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology

Rugile Kaladyte

“After missing a meeting with SG’s Vice President, I bought her a 5lb. chocolate bar. Any miscommunication CAN be solved with chocolate.”

-Kevin Mead, first year, Film and Animation

Rugile Kaladyte

“When I can’t hear someone and keep having to say ‘What?’ I’ll worry that they think I’m being rude.”

-Tricia Daluisio (left), third year, Film and Animation

“With our customers at Nathan’s:

‘Whole buffalo?’

‘No, bowl of buffalo.’


-Ryan Meadows (right), second year, Film and Animation

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