Published April 5, 2013
Women's Lacrosse Narrowly Defeats Vassar
Lady Tigers pull ahead in second half.
Griffin Moores

Clear skies and cool breezes greeted the women’s lacrosse team on the afternoon of March 30 for their second Liberty League match of the season. With an overwhelming victory against Bard College the day before, the Tigers arrived at the RIT turf field fully prepared to give a repeat performance against the Vassar College Brewers.

By scoring the first goal three minutes into the game, the home team established themselves with a strong start. As time would quickly tell, however, that opening goal would only serve to provoke Vassar’s offense. Almost immediately, the Brewers scored a goal of their own and shut down any hopes of an early lead for the Tigers. Four minutes later, Vassar began to establish their own momentum by pulling ahead with another goal. Though RIT managed to tie the score again soon after, it was becoming clear just how evenly matched the two teams were. With such intense competition, neither side would achieve victory easily.

Foul after foul was called as both teams struggled to break the tie. With 19:08 left on the clock, the visitors pulled ahead with their third goal of the game. Inch by inch, RIT was pushed onto the defensive. As the game wore on, the Tigers clearly became unsettled by their opponents. As their playing declined and Vassar widened their lead with two more goals, RIT spectators began to become agitated about the direction the game was heading in.

RIT called a time-out to regroup with eleven minutes left in the first half. This appeared to help the team greatly, as they once again regained control of the field. Just a minute after returning to play, RIT scored their first goal in over ten minutes, followed by a second goal five minutes later. The women nearly managed to score a third goal in the final seconds of the half, but were unable to do so before time ran out, leaving Vassar in the lead 5-4.

The second half marked the beginning of far more fierce competition between the two teams. RIT finally managed to tie the score just minutes into the half, but a responding goal from Vassar pushed them into the lead once again. This trend would continue for nearly fifteen minutes, with Vassar pulling ahead every time RIT evened the score.

Finally, with 18:05 left in the game, RIT managed to regain a 7-6 lead. The neck-and-neck competition continued for the remainder of the game, but the Tigers never again surrendered their lead. Vassar refused to go down quietly, however, and scored two goals in rapid succession in the last minute of the game. Without enough time on the clock for the Brewers to re-establish themselves, the Tigers ultimately won the long game with a score of 13-11.

“We started off a little shaky,” said Devin Villagomez, second year Diagnostic Medical Sonography major, “but by the end of the game we definitely picked it up, and it was a tough and hard-fought game, but it was great. It was a great feeling to win our second Liberty League game.”

Her teammate Sage Sarkis, first year International Hospitality and Services major, reflected on how different the two Liberty League games were: “We played a game yesterday and we won 23-0, so it was quite a shutout. I don’t think we were as prepared for a team that was even with us today. We didn’t come out great in the first half, but we had a time out and we talked it over, and then we really came out to play the second half, and that’s why we won.”

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