Published April 5, 2013
At Your Leisure


Croodle (v) - to cower from fear in a group. As the quarter trudged on, the students at RIT began to croodle in the face of demands set by their professors.


“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending.
Keep believing, keep pretending.”

-Jim Henson


Eye of the Tiger
I blared during the exam
Professor approved.


George Cadbury, of Cadbury brand fame, was a Quaker. Due to the Quaker’s restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, drinking CHOCOLATE was a popular substitute. A part of Cadbury’s success came from these sales of drinking chocolate.

The word CHOCOLATE originates from the AZTEC. Derived from the Nahuatl word, xocolātl, meaning “bitter water,” it transformed into chocolātl, resembling the modern variant.

The AZTEC ruler Montezuma has been alleged to have drunk 50 cups of chili pepper laden chocolate per day in his prime. The AVERAGE for Aztec emperors was ten.

Chocolate melts around 93 degrees on AVERAGE, which is close to the body temperature of humans. This ensures that the sweet treat melts in your mouth.


Act Like Your Fictional Hero For a Day

If Tora-Con taught me anything, it’s that people love dressing up as their favorite characters. Each year, around the time of the convention, RIT is crawling with costumed tributes to heroes, villains and icons from several fandoms.

This leads me to my proposition: Act like your favorite badass for a day. Why just wake up to a regular day of your life when you could spring from your bed like the eccentric Doctor? The following week, why not sprint to class like the speedster Kid Flash?

When you were younger, your parents, teachers and authority figures would tell you all the time to emulate the people in your life that had values you respected, so why not those of fiction? While this doesn’t guarantee you membership in the Avengers or a magic stretching dog, it could give you the little confidence boast you need to stay sharp and kick procrastination into a corner, like Chun-Li, this quarter.

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