Published April 2, 2010
New WITR Here To Stay
WITR gets a makeover.
Maria Vallese

People listening to WITR since the beginning of spring quarter may have noticed a few changes to the campus radio station —DJs pronouncing “Witr” instead of “W-I-T-R,” a change in format from “Modern Music and More” to “The Pulse of Music,” and a significant change in the amount of programs — just to mention a few. Indeed, controversy erupted late last year as potential programming changes were discussed, sparking anger in community members.

Ben Isserlis, a third year Computer Science major and general manager of WITR explained, “We didn’t really get rid of anybody, people just walked out... We had some shows that were five hours long; we asked them to go back to two hours or take a different time, and some people took great offense to that and walked out.” Using the example of Christian radio, Isserlis says, “I think we had 17 hours each week that was Christian programming, and really, we’re not a Christian station, so we did scale back the amount of Christian programming to just the show ‘The Answer.’” He was clear that community members are still welcome at WITR, but many of the old ones have no intention of returning.

Behind the scenes, Isserlis is pleased with how WITR is running. They have a new open source automation system called Rivendell, which provides them with more flexibility in running the station. Isserlis said he has heard compliments from students and radio professionals alike, commenting on how the station seems more professional. “We’re continuing to grow,” said Isserlis.

As for the change from W-I-T-R to Witr? “In talking to a lot of the incoming freshmen, people seem to start off saying Witr,” said Isserlis, noting that they’re aiming for consistency in their branding. The new WITR, and new name, is here to stay.


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Sun, Apr 4 2010 @ 1:15 pm
Eh, I'm not surprised that Isserlis is someone who would issue lies during an interview. Let's remember that he became General Manager of the station during a clear breach of the WITR Constitution.

GM's are supposed to have one year of experience on the eboard before being allowed to be GM. Isserlis had a quarter of experience. Not only that, because the GM who had been elected for the year, Greg Keyzer-Andre, left his position and a new GM had to fill it, there should have been an emergency election to vote on the new GM. There was not. Isserlis isn't even qualified to be GM, so why shouldn't he make statements that aren't totally true?

Also, he makes no mention of how the Constitution h... (more)
Cole T.
Mon, Apr 5 2010 @ 9:57 am
"WITTER" sounds stupid. I've never known anyone, incoming freshmen or otherwise, ever try to pronounce the station's call letters. I listen to WITR for hockey and that's about it, so the rest doesn't really matter to me.
Class of '99
Mon, Apr 5 2010 @ 11:01 am
It really made me sad to hear the new promos running for the station. It makes WITR sounds like a commercial station! A step up in professionalism is great, but professionalism does not equate to sounding like a commercial station. The spirit of non-commercial/education radio is about presenting diverse programming, especially those NOT represented in commercial radio. With that in mind, it means that members and DJ's of different backgrounds and experiences need to work together towards the greater good of educating listeners with music that would never have heard in other stations or media.
Emily Y.
Mon, May 3 2010 @ 8:31 pm
No matter what format WITR chooses, it will change in a while. The station for 30 years has drifted back and forth from a commercial-ish sounding station to the traditional college radio mode of playing anything. I agree that WITR would be better off with diverse programs, but this is just a cycle and will yet be gone eventually.
(not that it won't annoy the snot out of you while it's going on :)

I was on the E-board in 1979 (no you weren't born) and yes guys we argued just as hard for "more commercial" versus "mix it up introduce modern music"

Deja vu... you betcha. I'm sure the new board thinks they've come up with something just clever and new. So enjoy it or not.. here it comes.
jim S
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