Published March 25, 2011
WITR Requests Funds for Studio X

WITR came before Student Government (SG) March 18 to request a contribution of funds towards the planning and construction of its new studio. If approved, the funds would help cover the architectural drawing fee of $17,400.

The new studio, dubbed Studio X, will become WITR’s main broadcast area and will be located within the Student Alumni Union lobby in the space next to Nathan’s Soups and Salads, formerly used for the Candy Counter. Studio X’s design includes an open glass front that would allow passersby to watch DJs perform. The construction of Studio X is part of an effort to make the broadcasting process more transparent to students.

At the moment, WITR can only allot $9,000 towards the drawing fee. After a contribution from the Center for Campus Life, WITR still needs $5,400. This amount must be paid in order to draft up the site’s blueprints and move forward with the process.

The projected total cost for Studio X is $206,900. This sum includes the cost of planning the site, the demolition of the remains of the Candy Counter and the construction of the studio.

SG unanimously approved the request for funds, but has yet to decide on an amount.

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