Published January 28, 2011
Institute Council 01.28.11
President William Destler and Provost Jeremy Haefner at the Institute Council meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 19th.
William Ingalls

Calendar Conundrums Confound Council

Institute Council discussed potential solutions to calendar problems at their Jan. 19 meeting.

The first problem: New Years Day of 2012 falls on a Sunday. As the 2011-2012 Academic Calendar stands, classes resume on Jan. 2. The calendar committee was concerned that this schedule would force students and professors to travel on the New Years Day holiday.

To solve the problem, the calendar committee recommended that Winter Break be extended by one week so that classes would start on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. This would push the rest of the schedule for the year back by one week. Commencement would then fall on Memorial Day weekend. That’s not unusual; RIT made the same change the last time New Years Day was on a Sunday. The council voted to recommend this change in the schedule to the Institute’s governance groups.

Another calendar problem: the current schedule leaves one week between the end of summer quarter and the beginning of fall semester 2013. The alternative would be to have four weeks of classes between Thanksgiving break and the winter break.

Andy Phelps, a professor in the Interactive Games and Media Department, was concerned that the short turnaround between summer and fall would cause difficulties for residence advisors and orientation assistants, who need to move into housing before the start of freshman orientation.

On the other hand, many faculty members were concerned that having four weeks of class before break would force them to revise their curricula. A straw vote of the council tied 10-10 with one abstention. The final decision was to send both versions of the calendar to the governance groups and let them voice their concerns.

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