Published January 28, 2011
From Our Readers 01.28.11
Fifth year Computer Engineering major Andrew Hoag’s favorite Reporter cover, which ran on June 5, 1964. Submitted via Facebook.

Defining RIT Spirit

This letter is in response to the Reporter editorial of January 14 in regards to forced school spirit at RIT by participating in the lip dub. I have worked at RIT for over 18 years and have seen innumerable changes in this great university and its environment. Does RIT have the kind of school spirit that is displayed at a Big East basketball game or a BCS championship football game? No. Does RIT do anything like any other college or university in the country? No. We are a unique place. And, our definition of school spirit should match how we go about our daily activities. Do we have school spirit? Yes, we saw it 5during the Frozen Four Frenzy last year and it was very exciting. But we also see it during Imagine RIT, at a SOFA graduate thesis showing, in Computer Science House, and in a research lab in the College of Science. We see it in the Reporter. School spirit is what makes you proud about RIT. It’s what makes you smile when you tell someone you go to school, work or teach at RIT. Is it rah, rah, rah, sis boom bah? Not usually. I participated in the lip dub with my 6 and 8 year old sons. They loved the experience. They met new people, learned some sign language, participated in something that they never had experienced before, and ate free pizza! They had a blast and got a glimpse of what college life can be like. They think RIT is the best place to go to college in the world. That’s what spirit is about, and there is plenty of that to go around here at RIT.

Bernadette D. Lynch
Director, TRiO Student Support Services

Cartoon Controversy

On behalf of the whole RIT Newman Catholic Community, we are writing to you to express our disappointment in a crude cartoon, which was recently published along with an editorial in Reporter (12.03.10). This cartoon pictured a disgruntled Pope Benedict XVI with a condom on his head. We take great offense at this profoundly disrespectful illustration. Not only is this man a head of state, but as Catholics we believe him to be the vicar of Jesus Christ. Because of our belief and view of the pope, this illustration not only was insulting to our leader but to many of our religious beliefs as well.

As a whole, we understand that all people have a right to their own opinion. The author portrayed professionalism in her response on the Catholic Church’s view on the legitimacy of condom use but this professionalism does not excuse or nullify the accompanied mocking portrayal of the pope. We understand that there will always be matters that will be met with disagreement we just ask that these disagreements not be fueled by disrespectful portrayals of misunderstanding and intolerance of another’s point of view.

We are sending this letter because we believe that these differences, disagreements, and misunderstandings should be handled more carefully. They are not trivial to us, or to many other readers who have been insulted by past content. We are confident that you will recognize that this continual intolerance is not in the best interest of the RIT community and that actions should be taken to remedy this problem in the future. Please consider what we have said and take steps toward improvement in the future.

Josh Marrah
Visioning Team President, RIT Newman Community


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Wed, Feb 2 2011 @ 10:15 am
A. that's an awesome picture. B. Did Reporter make a magazine before 1968? If they did, clearly somebody didn't do enough research for the 100th anniversary issue.
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