Published January 28, 2011
Everyone's a Winner
The Lady Tigers take on SUNY Plattsburgh.
Kristina Moss, a second year Health Administration major, celebrates after scoring RIT’s first goal of the game against SUNY Plattsburgh.
Robert Bredvad

With my feet sore from standing in the packed arena, I was not in a blissful mood. My mind bounced all over the place, and my thoughts were anything but positive. Then came the Tigers’ game-tying goal, and I never felt better. The sold-out crowd erupted into cheers, and my lingering thoughts began to fade. It was a game that, with one shot, made everything better. I wasn’t alone anymore the vivacious crowd had energized us all. The game ended as a tie in overtime, extending the Lady Tigers unbeaten record to 18 games (17-0-1, 10-0-1 ECAC West).

That night, RIT also hosted “Black Out Heart Disease,” an event to raise awareness for heart disease and other conditions that cause sudden death. The players wore special black jerseys that will later be auctioned off to raise money for automated external defibrillators. The team also sold t-shirts in a further effort to raise money for the cause.

Although entering the game ranked at the top of Division III, RIT found themselves playing a defensive battle with No. 4 ranked SUNY Plattsburgh. The first goal didn’t even come until 13 minutes into the second period, when second year 23 Health Administration major Kristina Moss scored on an assist from fourth year Hospitality major Sarah Dagg. Plattsburg responded with two goals in the third period. The Cardinals’ Allison Era scored the opposition’s first goal five minutes into the period while Chelsea VanGlahn put away the second.

Kristina Moss, a second year Health Administration major, shoots the puck past Helen Giroux of SUNY Plattsburgh
Robert Bredvad

RIT outshot Plattsburgh 42-26, while Plattsburgh was scoreless, going 0-for-6 in power play attempts. Plattsburgh goalie Mandy Mackrell had 40 stops, while first year Business Administration major Laura Chamberlain had 24.

Head Coach Scott McDonald, impressed with SUNY Plattsburgh’s performance level, said that the team was lucky to survive the first period without a deficit. “We had great opportunities with the lead and to finish with a win. In some respects, we were fortunate to get out of the first period tied; it was a great game. We did much better as the second and third [period] progressed,” she said.

Third year Psychology major Megan Kobar agreed. “[Plattsburg] is a very physical team and they really tested us; we really had to go hard the whole game. Our team showed a lot of character today.” According to Kobar, the team’s nerves were unsettled for most of the game, and the team suffered from penalties and a lack of structure. Nevertheless, she was excited when things started to pull together. “It felt awesome coming from behind, getting those two goals on them, and finally coming together in the third. Our nerves really got to us in the first, you could see that we were running around and not playing our game.”

As for the record crowd? Kobar said, “It’s definitely nice to see the support. We’re doing the thing with Black Out Heart Disease, and it’s really nice to see that kind of support. It gets everybody going it was awesome.”

Sarah Dagg, a fourth year Hospitality major, looks at a SUNY Plattsburgh player between play.
Robert Bredvad
SUNY Plattsburgh scored twice in the third period to lead RIT 2-1. Assistant RIT Coach Keltie Jones reacts after another attempt nearly finds the back of RIT’s net.
Robert Shook
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